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Omaha Style BBQ

When conversations about regional barbecue get started (and they can get heated), you hear a lot of talk about places like Kansas City, Memphis, Texas, and the Carolinas. These places have world-famous destination BBQ restaurants, and you can get some damn good food there. Every part of this great country has it's own style of barbecue, and Nebraska is no exception.

At 402BBQ, we use locally sourced Chicken, Pork, Buffalo, and (of course!) USDA Prime Nebraska Beef.  We slow-cook all of these prime meats over a Mulberry and Apple wood fire, just like Nebraska folks have been doing for generations. Add the locally farmed vegetables, wild-caught fresh and never farmed catfish, our one-of-a-kind "Big Red Sauce," and fresh Rotella's bread, and now you're talkin' Real Omaha Barbecue!

​402 BBQ history

402 BBQ ran by husband and wife, Todd and Kelly Partusch, since March of 2014. Todd has been barbecuing his whole life.  He has competed and placed in BBQ competitions with his dad and brother.  It's time the city gets to try his cookin, and we're bringing it directly to you, on a food truck! 

"My first time cooking barbecue, I guess was a slight stretch of the term "barbecue" as it's known today. My brother and I caught some catfish and cleaned them on the spot. I guess we were about 10 or 12 [years old].  We then dug a little hole and started a fire in it. We whittled some sticks to skewer the fillets on to and put them over the fire. We didn't have any seasonings or anything, but we did have a can of beans that we put on the coals. It was damn good. I've been cookin' with fire ever since!"  -Big Todd, owner

Back in those days we cooked on anything we could make a pit out of.  Nowadays we cook on top-of-the-line Ben Lang reverse flow smokers with digital thermometers for the most consistent and delicious barbecue!

At 402BBQ everything is 100% homemade.  We hand make everything; including our sauces, sides, secret rubs, and marinades. We take pride in our BBQ and we will never trust any commercial company to make our food for us.


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